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Monday, August 25, 2008

Being real in marriage

Anthony and I have noticed a huge difference in our lives since we got married a couple of weeks ago. We both came from divorced families who really did not give us any focus on how to be married people. We both knew that it was a huge comittment which is why we were together for 2 years before getting engaged and did a whole year of premarital therapy. These things were crucial for us as we went into uncertainty. When we made this comittment, we knew we meant the vows we were speaking. A huge leaf was turned over the day after we became Mr. & Mrs. Lewis. We got serious about our faith.

I know, I know, we should have been serious about our faith before but something in us knew that in our world that we live in, there is no chance for a marriage that isn't centered in Christ. We both had relationships with Jesus before we got married and occasionally invited him into our dating relationship but to be honest, He really wasn't as huge of a part as we should have allowed Him to be. Something dramatically changed when we said those vows. Our life with God has never been better and I personally can attest that God is changing me in ways I never thought were possible. I have been through a lot of therapy in my chosen career and I still think that these last two weeks, I have changed a lot more for the better. God's hands of healing, blessing, and renewal are so powerful.

All that to say, I found out that I am quite domestic. I have fought with all of my might against being the "average wife" and I found out..I am not average, I am really good at this. I thought I would never be a very good wife because I didn't have an example but it turns out, to be a good wife, you just need to love your husband with all of your heart and love your God with everything you have. I know that God is doing this for me and I praise Him for it! I decided that when I find something cool that could be of help to another person being a wife, student, housekeeper, grocery shopper or whatever their role in life is, I am going to add it to our Lewis Family blog in order to spread the word.

Thanks for stopping in today and here are a few sites I use for grocery shopping and meal planning: -- grocery deals in your area -- recipes that match the ingredients in your house -- Guideposts magazine which always has money saving tips, Godly wisdom, and inspiring stories -- where we get our food because 2 weeks for 30 bucks can not be beat! This is all over the country and you don't have to be poor to qualify. We make plenty and we still use it because the cost of food is so high.

--Erica Lewis--

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