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Thursday, July 31, 2008

May the Force be with you

Ok, just a note. I have finally been coerced. I have spent much of my child and adult life trying to avoid the Star Wars movies. I had a male cousin who was very enthusiastic about them and had all of the figurines and I was pretty embarassed to even know him. My little sister and best friend really loves them and has been wanting me to watch them. My beautiful fiance also likes them and thought I should give them a shot. Well, I have done it. I watched Star Wars: The Phantom Menace last night and I have to say I LOVED IT! I am going to get the next one as soon as Netflix sends it. I might be converted.

A day of goodbyes

Anthony and I spent his day off today with Chris (the little boy I nanny for). I shouldn't call him a little boy since he is now 15 years old and not very little. Tomorrow will be my last actual day working with him. I will have about 4.5 hours with him tomorrow and then I will be done with my job there. I lived with him for over 3.5 years so my heart is a little tender today. I picked him up this morning at 11:30 or so and he had a card for me from he and Richard (his father). It was precious and was very heartfelt from the both of them. We decided to spend our last day together at my apartment with Anthony having a barbecue and going swimming.

We got back to my place and Anthony fired up the grill and we had burgers, hot dogs, and mac and cheese and watched Bad Boys. We then got our suits on and headed to my apartment complex pool and jacuzzi. We spent about an hour chillin in the pool and jacuzzi and I layed on the lounge chair for 20 minutes or so enjoying the warm summer day. We then headed to our complex gym for a few minutes and then back to my apartment for some rest for Erica and the boys went to shoot hoops at the complex court.

I watched my recorded episode of Good Morning America and read some in my book about spiritual disciplines while they enjoyed the Male bonding! :) They came back and played a few games of chess and we ate some leftovers from lunch and took Chris back home. It is really hard to think that I won't see every day of his life anymore. It is hard to imagine that his grades and behavior are no longer my business but it is a new place for Anthony and I to start.

Anthony and I get married in 9 days and it is amazing to me to think about how things are changing right now. My little sister will be here in just a few days (August 4th) and we are going to have plenty of good times. Anthony and I are looking forward to our life together and kind of getting excited/anxious about the things that are changing for us and the new challenges that we are presented with.

Tomorrow is also my last day at my current site for clients and I will be moving to two different sites to take new clients. It is an exciting time but also a trying time as my body feels very stressed and I am seeing a lot of digestive and female issues resulting from it. I could use some prayer honestly as the new things get more routine!

Can't wait to be Mrs. Lewis,


Sunday, July 27, 2008

I like all A' is another way to use them!

So I was reading one of my new favorite blogs (Mama Manifesto) and I am not a mom yet but I am VERY close (12 days) to being a wife so there are things on there I can seriously use. So, I decided to add this on to my page as a reminder to me of what Anthony and I need to do each day in our marriage. I am excited to tell him about this tonight and begin our life together. Thanks Mama Manifesto for being a really awesome blog!

Here is the link for those who are interested:

You can just as easily read their post but basically this an exercise that was recommended by a book by Tirabassi.... I am going to try it!

The Daily 4 A's:
1. Affirmation
-I appreciated today when you...
-Thank you for...
2. Affection
-a hug, kiss, a touch...
3. Apology
-I felt ___________ when you...
-Is there anyway I irritated, frustrated or hurt you today?
-I'm sorry for having made you feel ________________...
-Will you forgive me?
4. Amen
-Ask your partner if there is anything special you can pray for them.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

The great unknown

Anthony and I are getting ready to go into the great unknown. We are getting married in 13 days and I am quitting my job on August 1st. There are so many new things around the bend and so many new experiences to have. I am worried and anxious but excited and thrilled at the same time. We are looking to become fianancial gurus who know exactly what to do with our income cut! Yeah right?!

I have begun to find ways to cut our budget such as in food, entertainment, and taking on things like recycling for money and rolling our coins for dates. We are doing everything necessary to become responsible young married people but for me, it feels like jumping off a building and I am terribly afraid of heights.

I know that if you wait for the "right money situation" to get married or have kids you will never do either but man, I am nervous! Today I need to get all of our paperwork filed, work on our august financial calendar, and do a few last week projects for my job. I am excited about what's coming but I sure wish I could see what God sees right now for our future. Don't we all wish that though?!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Orange County Fair in photos!

Say Cheese

Anthony and I spent our Thursday evening date attending the Orange County Fair with the Theme "Say Cheese." Anthony and I were excited because we thought the whole fair was going to be about cheese so there would be a million cheese eating opportunities. We were wrong. It had a lot of cheese art and things but it was more about the whole photo situation. We had a great time and ate some yummy and unhealthy food and took a few photos. Enjoy!

My beautiful engagment ring

This is my gorgeous ring. One of the pics is from the Kay Web site so it's a bit easier to see. The camera isn't the best thing to capture a diamond. Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Our big day

So it happened last night, Anthony asked me to marry him. Even though it wasn't this crazy ornate arranged was special. Anthony asked me in our house while a song that I really love was playing and we were just enjoying couple time. My ring is gorgeous and I love it. I have been staring at it all day and smiling because his love for me is such a gift from God. Now, I know that this post will make you all ask the big question. "When is the wedding?" I think that the best part about my answer is, 24 days from now. Anthony and I have been talking about just getting married and planning a ceremony to renew our vows after graduate school. We are READY to be married but the wedding planning is not something that I really have time for nor really want to do right now. We are getting married on my 28th birthday in Las Vegas surrounded by only family and VERY close friends. It is going to be a precious day for both of us.

I can hardly wait to be Mrs. Erica Lewis. Thanks for all of the congratulations messages today, it was really special for us. I will post a few pictures of my ring after this post so that everyone gets a gander. I love it, it's so me! He is a great fit too! I love God for giving me such a precious gem...and by that I mean my fiance and soon to be husband, not the diamond.

I love you Anthony!