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Monday, March 30, 2009

Vacation photo of the day

These beautiful flowers were located at none other than Alcatraz Island. Most people associate Alcatraz with ugliness, crime, and mystery but there is a lot of really beautiful foliage there and awesome birds. I thought I would feature something beautiful there rather than start with the inside of the prison. Hope you enjoy!

Hey everyone. Anthony and I have been back over a week from vacation and I think we are finally caught up with our lives. We had such a great time on vacation and did the following things.

-- Drove the coast and took magnificent photos
-- Visited Hearst Castle and took a tour
-- Stayed in San Jose and toured the Winchester Mystery House
-- Went to San Francisco and stayed there for 2 days
-- Went to Palace of Fine Arts
-- Golden Gate Park
-- Drove across both the Bay Bridge and Golden Gate
-- Drove down Lombard Street
-- Spent a day at Fisherman's Wharf
-- Toured Alcatraz for several hours
-- Ate wonderful meals of fresh seafood
-- Went to Sacramento and toured the Capital building
-- Went to Lake Tahoe and saw beautiful sights
-- Went to Reno for 2 days and had so much fun
-- Saw the amazing Brett Dennen in concert which was AWESOME
-- Visited the Jelly Belly Factory and bought way too many jelly beans
-- Bought amazing fresh produce at a roadside stand

and various other roadside stops and fun times. I thought I would feature one of our photos every day and tell you a little about it.

I am in a very busy time in my semester called the END so I will only have time to post smaller posts until GRADUATION! Yes, in 5 weeks I will be done with my Masters degree!! Can you believe it? Enjoy the photos and keep in touch!


1 comment:

Carrie said...

It is pathetically sad that despite all the amazing things you and Anthony did on your vacation I am most jealous of the fact you went to the Jelly Belly factory....I am really sad. LOL