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Monday, December 22, 2008

Update on the Lewis Fam!

Hey everyone, I hope that your holiday season is going great so far as we are only 3 measley days away from Christmas. We are doing magnificent and have so much to praise God for everyday. My prince (that's Anthony) just celebrated his 28th birthday on December 17th so we have been in Birthday Zone this past week. We celebrated on the 18th by going to Disneyland to enjoy their beautiful Christmas decorations and stopping by California Adventure to learn to draw a disney character in the animation department since my lovely husband is an artist. We came home for dinner and I made Anthony a new recipe I got from Healthy Decadence on Fit Tv. It was Barbecued beef sandwiches and they were SOOOO good.

We had an actual party on the 20th and went to Medieval Times with Anthony's brothers and it was a lot of fun. After dinner we came back to our house for some cake and video games. The boys had a good time together and Anthony was around his best friends, Me and his brothers and that is what I wanted for him. I got him an XBox 360 and some other little gifts and he has really enjoyed that. Having a birthday so close to Christmas can feel cramped but I absolutely try to do it up for him.

Our Christmas plans are different this year and it's an adjustment but I sincerely can't wait for it to happen. Since we are married this year we are spending our first Christmas staying at our home. We are going to have a little Christmas dinner by ourselves and open gifts and watch Christmas movies to our little childless hearts content. This is a year of freedom and couplehood for us and we want to really cherish this time. We are going the day after Christmas to have time with Anthony's family and I won't be seeing my family this holiday season. Traveling is so expensive so my family will get boxes of love from California holding their gifts. I am sad about it but also realize that every year holds new things in our lives and they are adjustments.

Well that is our updates for today and I am going to be posting some pictures later on and doing a new family member of the week! I have a little more time right now as I am on break from school and practicum and really enjoying family time. Come on over to my personal blog later on and read my newest post (I am getting ready to write) and keep us updated on your lives as well.

By the way, no baby news as of yet but we will let you know after we let our families know...when it happens! :) Keep us in your prayers for this season of our lives.

--e. lewis

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