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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy 2009 From the Lewis Fam!

I hope everyone is already enjoying their 2009 as it's a new year with new opportunities and adventures to have. Anthony and I are not really "party people" so we stayed home last night and watched the ball drop together and drank apple-grape martinelis. We would love to say our life is more exciting than that but it really isn't. Today we spent the day doing even more exciting things; watching Heroes, eating a nice Ham dinner, and putting together a Marilyn Monroe puzzle. Speaking of that, talk about frustration....

We got this Marilyn Monroe puzzle months ago and we had not even opened it. I am a huge Marilyn fan and Anthony likes old movies like I do so we had planned to put this gorgeous puzzle together and then frame it for our wall. It's one of those puzzles that are made up of tiny little pictures to make one large picture. We are really excited to get it finished but we have put about ten hours into it in the past couple of days and it's border is together and probably 50 pieces more and it's a 1,000 piece puzzle. As you can figure out, it's difficult. It was frustrating and my eyes felt like they were going blind during the process. I haven't done a puzzle for years and man did it take it out of me.

I just realize in writing this post that I am pretty boring and domestic and for the first time in my whole life, I like that! I have learned lately what it is like to just enjoy life and really take in all of my experiences. I have been learning guitar, knitting, reading, and various other things on my break from school and just learning the concept of relaxation and enjoying life. When school is in I get so wrapped up and my biggest new years resolution is to enjoy life and enjoy my husband and all of the days that God allows me to be on this Earth. It's a year for me to learn gratefulness, calm, peace, and grace in the biggest ways possible.

I am determined to do things this year that will remove stress which means saying no more often, taking time for myself, and enjoying the things that I love and the people that I love. I also wanted to start something on the blog that makes this task easier. It's going to be a little add in to my blog each day about what I am thankful for in the days events and what growth happened in our marriage/family for the day. Anthony and I believe in every day we have a chance to say THANK YOU and LOOK WHAT WE LEARNED so we decided to share that with our blog.

We pray that your 2009 is absolutely wonderful and that you find the peace that we plan to find this year and remember what is very important about life!

Thankfulness for January 1, 2009:

I am thankful today for my husband having the day off and the wonderful quality time we spent at our house cooking together, watching tv, doing our puzzle, and laughing over our puzzle frustration. It's amazing to have a husband that you not only love and think is gorgeous but also enjoy as a friend and companion in life.

Growth in our marriage for January 1,2009:

Today I realized that when I tell Anthony that something is bothering me, he works very hard to adjust himself to that thing and make me happy and fulfilled. That is a great lesson for me to learn and I would be better if I was more like my husband. We learned that we have to come to a middle in our relationship where each of us gets our desires like doing a Marilyn Monroe puzzle while watching Denzel movies.


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