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Thursday, April 24, 2008

It has begun

It would seem that this little story should begin at June 25, 2006 but for some reason I could not tell the story until now. Lately things have been changing to be sure and it certainly looks more like forever. Anthony and I signed the lease to our own place on April 18, 2008. We are so excited to be sharing this with each other and every single step feels like a thousand. There was the moment that the papers were signed and Anthony did a touchdown dance as the ladies in the leasing office handed us our sets of keys. There was the moment where we picked out our own brand new refridgerator together and gave the Best Buy associate OUR address to send it to. Then there are the sweet moments between the two of us like when Anthony left me a note on the kitchen counter the morning of our first commute to work from our new home. The amazing mac and cheese he made me last night and the fact we stood at our kitchen counter eating with plastic forks in our 80% completed kitchen just knowing that we were HOME. There are moments of pure surrealness when we think about having our own phone number, calling it "our place", or thinking about mail coming in our names. We are both really excited personally and relationally.

This move was a huge step for Anthony himself in his manhood and adulthood as he branched out on his own for the first time. It was a huge move for me as I let go of the safeness of Richard's house and trusted that I would be just as safe in my own place with myself and Anthony taking care of me. There were huge steps taken last week as we signed that lease. Tomorrow it will be one week since we have had our own apartment and it feels like mere moments. We still are living with boxes piled up everywhere and grocery sacks filled with our most precious possessions in the material world. We are still groaning in the morning as we "look forward" to our one hour morning commute that we never had before. We are still looking everywhere for underwear and socks so we can get ready in the morning. We are still relishing in opening our refridgerator and seeing only the food we like to consume. Life is sweet in our new place.

I absolutely adore living with Anthony as I see him grow and change and start to be so responsible. I adore having a place to go home to after work instead of being at work at the same time as being at home. I love knowing that just my possessions and Anthony's are around me instead of everyone elses things and I have to be respectful of their things. I am feeling freedom in a whole new way. The relationship between Anthony and myself has morphed and although it's new and different, it's beautiful and safe. I am so lucky to share space with this man.

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