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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Home Alone and Not Hating It

Good Morning everyone. It's about quarter til eight in the morning and I am sitting in my house alone. Yesterday I spent the whole day in the house just watching movies and working on home stuff. I felt safe, secure, happy, and relaxed in my awesome apartment. Anthony got home on time last night and we (when I say we, I mean he) hooked up our telephone and our internet which was great of him. We had a lovely dinner together of Lasagna from Costco and sat and watched all 3 of the Austin Powers Movies. Yes, we are completely mature!

I am finding this peace that comes over me when I am here. I feel happier having breakfast in my home even more than I did going to the same McDonald's every single day. That could be because I am not spending hundreds of dollars a month on fast food and I am not feeling sick all of the time from consuming it. I actually like saving money more than I ever have before. I have more goals now than just "saving money." I want to get things for our house, I want to have a nice life together, I want to someday buy an actual house, I want to be a good wife and mother, etc...

I am almost done with Grad School for the year and I couldn't be happier. It has been a rough semester for me. I had this class that really took much more of me emotionally and academically than I may have had to offer. I have not been able to see my therapist hardly at all this semester due to my grueling schedule and that has proved to be a detriment. Everything seems to have been harder than before, with before being before this semester. I have a final and a paper due on Tuesday and then a class on Wednesday and my "actual" semester is over. Now, the catch is I have to go in on the following Tuesday I believe to do the second part of advancement and have a meeting about the first part of advancement. Advancement is a scary thing for me but I have given it over to God and really decided that whatever happens, happens!

Anthony is back at work and in full force. He has been working 6+ hours of overtime every day which has really took a toll on him. The deepest parts of me know that he does it so that we are going to be ok, specifically that I am going to be ok. That man loves me so much and works so hard to be the provider of our house. Maybe tonight I'll write him a card reminding him how much I appreciate him and admire him for who he is. I am a lucky girl to be sure. God has given me such a blessing in this relationship and I could not be more grateful.

Well, I am going now to start working on a paper and final preparation. You might think I am waiting until the last minute but honestly, this is the first chance I have had to really do anything lately. I appreciate you stopping in and keeping up on us. All is well and we'll check in again tomorrow! The house development moves on.


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