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Saturday, May 10, 2008

1/2 advanced and so much more calm.

Good Morning everyone! So, advancement was interesting to say the least. My first part was due about 3 weeks ago and I heard about it on Tuesday. I had a meeting with my advisor where she tells me what she thought of my therapy and tells me if I am ready to continue or need further development on this part. My meeting went wonderfully and it turns out I am at an appropriate level of training for my position in the program. Translated, this means I passed part one of advancement. I went out of that meeting grinning from ear to ear and feeling one hundred pounds lighter. That sure would be nice! The second part of advancement was later that day and we had to watch a video of a "case" and do a treatment plan and case conceptualization based on that "client." It ended up being on Rosie O'Donnell so we had plenty to work with. I got done with mine in 1.5 hours and we had 2 hours so it went relatively well. We then had 24 hours to go home and do a case report on the same client and type up our treatment plan and case conceptualization. I ended up turning mine in at about 22 hours. It was a lot of work and I did my best in my opinion so we'll see how that turns out. I don't find out about part two until May 20th. That is fine with me because I needed a few weeks to just disengage from school altogether.

In other news, I ordered the plane ticket for my sister to come out in August. I am thrilled as I miss her so much. My little sister Brittany is my best friend in the world and I love spending time with her. Usually, I get to go home to Indiana one to two times a year but this year might not happen so I am glad for her to get to come out. She will be here from August 4-18 which is amazing. That is during my birthday too so we are planning to go out of town for the weekend to Vegas and enjoy my birthday together now that she is 21 and can actually enjoy Vegas. Britt just got her first real job and just finished her first year of college so I am uber proud of her and I am looking forward to celebrating those things with her. She is excited to come out too so we are both just counting the days.

Anthony and I haven't been able to work too much on the house lately just due to our grueling work schedules. I am off today so I plan to make a dent in some of this nonsense that is sitting around in boxes. How do people accumulate so much stuff? I still need a couple of pieces of furniture, namely a bookcase and filing cabinet so that is a lot of the clutter that is laying around; books and papers. We are so happy here and really enjoy coming home at the end of our day. Last night we decided since we were both home at a decent hour that we would have a romantic dinner at our dining room table...imagine that?! I made broiled steaks, baked potatoes, rolls, and Anthony bought some wine. We ate by candlelight and listened to soft music coming from the I-pod with the occasional Bible chapter that I have on there. *laugh* We then moved to the living room and had cookie dough ice cream and watched a netflix movie. Pretty good night if you ask me!

Next weekend, Anthony and I are going to Vista, California and renting a house up in the hills that has several bedrooms, a pool, jacuzzi, tennis court, basketball court, pool table room, sound system, and a pool house all to ourselves. It is our way of celebrating advancement being over and relaxing the girlfriend! :) Life is pretty good here in Erica & Anthony Land.

In other news, tomorrow is Mothers Day. That is always an iffy day for me. My relationship with my mom is a bit out of sorts and I never really know what to do with her while also respecting my own boundaries. Also, this year is the first mother's day since my nephew and step-mom were killed in the car accident so it is a hard one. I feel so badly for my little sister anyway that she had to lose her mother and her son in the same day but to celebrate mother's day and have to think about those things is unbearable. Well, last night, it got worse. Her grandmother (Jane's mom) died of Pneumonia. Sometimes I wonder how Tasha is still standing after all of this tragedy. I think sometimes our own insanity saves us.

Last week I had the pleasure of dealing with an internet stalker/hacker. I still have a Myspace account even though I think I am a bit old for it. I use it to keep in touch with my Indiana friends and family and also just to be up on things I guess a bit in terms of new bands. I still love music so much. Anyway, last week someone hacked into my account and sent my top 5 people awful personal comments. This person would have to have known me as the information that was left was all very personal to me and my family. The people affected were Anthony and my three sisters for the most part. The cruelty that was displayed is something I would refer to as "evil." I wonder how people sleep at night when they are hurting others for their own pleasure. Now, I should note, I don't have any enemies to speak of. I can think of about 4 people I have really not "made up" with in my life and those people are relatively obsolete in the sense that they would not be up on current events in my life either. That saddens me that someone who knows me well would hurt me and my family so badly. I am trying not to give it any energy but I have to be honest in saying that it hurt and angered me deeply.

I guess that is all I have to share today. I have not gotten my grades for the semester yet but when I do, you'll be the first to know! :) I hope everyone is doing well and as soon as some of the mess clears, there will be pics on here of the apartment and various other things. Keep checking back in and keep me posted on your life as well. Have a lovely weekend


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