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Monday, May 5, 2008

Advancing to the finish line!

Hey everyone. I have just spent about an hour going through some advancement stuff for the hundredth time and I feel like maybe I just need to chill and do what I need to do. Anthony and I have finished our bedroom, bathroom, and living room and could not be happier with the outcome. As soon as I find everything that goes with the digital camera I will upload some pics of the apartment. I am listening to this awesome website called Pandora and it plays a radio station based on an artist you picked or a song you picked. I can listen to this thing for hours. If you are interested, it's

We got all of our furniture in last week and it's just gorgeous. The whole house is in classic cherry as the wood. We went to Pier 1 on Saturday and really did a great job picking accent pieces for the living room. I am beginning to really love my home in terms of decorating. Last night we had our first guest at our house even though we aren't in any shape to have guests just yet. We let Chris come and see our place after I picked him up in Corona. He loved the rooms we had finished and said our apartment felt like a home. I felt good that it was the feeling he got. That is exactly what Anthony and I want to portray.

Anthony and I spent Sunday going through our budget and figuring out finances. It was not a happy topic and usually causes a lot of friction but once we were done we found that we are actually doing pretty well and can take care of things, God willing. We chose a place that we could afford by ourselves so that if anything happens with our jobs, we are ready to pay our rent either way. We are trying to be these foreign things that people speak of...adults or something. So, I got one of my grades back for the semester and I did much better than anticipated so I am very happy and focused on success right now. That's a good place to be with advancement tomorrow. Advancement scares me but I am going to use it for what it was designed for, to get feedback and make progress.

Yesterday was a special day in our house as we reframed my Grandpa's photo and hung it on the wall, our first piece of art on the walls. He is so special to me and probably made me into the woman I am to be able to have this relationship, this home, this career, this education, etc... I was so happy to see his smiling face on my wall this morning as I got up for work. It's nice to know that he is always here. That may sound really corny but I truly believe that his love is always going to be with me, driving me to be better.

So, as of Wednesday @ 3:00, I will have completed 2 years of graduate school out of the three I have. I am 2/3 done and I can't believe it. It seems to have flown by some days and then other days it feels like I have been there an eternity. I am really ready to be done with school but another part of me knows that once I am out, I will truly miss it. I have been in school for years! School has been a part of my life for the better part of 20 years and it will be odd not doing it. I will probably be teaching in no time. *Laugh*

Anyway, I should have some lunch and head to work. I have a busy night ahead with work and preparing further for advancement. Keep us in your prayers and be excited as pictures should be on here soon of the new place. Have a lovely week


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Kristen said...

Hope your advancement went well!