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Saturday, July 26, 2008

The great unknown

Anthony and I are getting ready to go into the great unknown. We are getting married in 13 days and I am quitting my job on August 1st. There are so many new things around the bend and so many new experiences to have. I am worried and anxious but excited and thrilled at the same time. We are looking to become fianancial gurus who know exactly what to do with our income cut! Yeah right?!

I have begun to find ways to cut our budget such as in food, entertainment, and taking on things like recycling for money and rolling our coins for dates. We are doing everything necessary to become responsible young married people but for me, it feels like jumping off a building and I am terribly afraid of heights.

I know that if you wait for the "right money situation" to get married or have kids you will never do either but man, I am nervous! Today I need to get all of our paperwork filed, work on our august financial calendar, and do a few last week projects for my job. I am excited about what's coming but I sure wish I could see what God sees right now for our future. Don't we all wish that though?!

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gabriel and charity preda said...

well, i congrat you, because "the great unknown" is the most fabulous part about everything.

that's how glorious it all can be. it's such a risk, but so worth it.

look @ our blog- below the title, and that sums everything up perfectly.

you mentioned something about saving $, i'm going to send you this email i sent my cousin (took awhile to compose) about saving $$$ on groceries.

take it or leave it. :)