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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Our big day

So it happened last night, Anthony asked me to marry him. Even though it wasn't this crazy ornate arranged was special. Anthony asked me in our house while a song that I really love was playing and we were just enjoying couple time. My ring is gorgeous and I love it. I have been staring at it all day and smiling because his love for me is such a gift from God. Now, I know that this post will make you all ask the big question. "When is the wedding?" I think that the best part about my answer is, 24 days from now. Anthony and I have been talking about just getting married and planning a ceremony to renew our vows after graduate school. We are READY to be married but the wedding planning is not something that I really have time for nor really want to do right now. We are getting married on my 28th birthday in Las Vegas surrounded by only family and VERY close friends. It is going to be a precious day for both of us.

I can hardly wait to be Mrs. Erica Lewis. Thanks for all of the congratulations messages today, it was really special for us. I will post a few pictures of my ring after this post so that everyone gets a gander. I love it, it's so me! He is a great fit too! I love God for giving me such a precious gem...and by that I mean my fiance and soon to be husband, not the diamond.

I love you Anthony!


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