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Sunday, July 27, 2008

I like all A' is another way to use them!

So I was reading one of my new favorite blogs (Mama Manifesto) and I am not a mom yet but I am VERY close (12 days) to being a wife so there are things on there I can seriously use. So, I decided to add this on to my page as a reminder to me of what Anthony and I need to do each day in our marriage. I am excited to tell him about this tonight and begin our life together. Thanks Mama Manifesto for being a really awesome blog!

Here is the link for those who are interested:

You can just as easily read their post but basically this an exercise that was recommended by a book by Tirabassi.... I am going to try it!

The Daily 4 A's:
1. Affirmation
-I appreciated today when you...
-Thank you for...
2. Affection
-a hug, kiss, a touch...
3. Apology
-I felt ___________ when you...
-Is there anyway I irritated, frustrated or hurt you today?
-I'm sorry for having made you feel ________________...
-Will you forgive me?
4. Amen
-Ask your partner if there is anything special you can pray for them.

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