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Sunday, October 12, 2008

First day and very sore.

So as the preconception goes, here are the main rules of the game.

1. Erica must be in tip top diabetic form to conceive.
2. Erica must be properly eating and exercising.
3. Anthony must be taking care of himself as a daddy should.

So that being said, Anthony and I had our first married night at the gym. We got married for a reason, we are a great team. We got there and did a 10-15 minute warm up on the treadmill to get our bodies nice and warm. We then hit free weights and did some basic upper body exercises. I have to strengthen these arms to carry baby Lewis. We then went to the weight room and did some of the machines for our upper bodies including chest press, overhead press, and even some ab work. After we were done we did some stair mastering and headed outside for a cool walk around the building as we both hate walking in place on the treadmills for very long.

We had a great time together and entirely encouraged each other to be stronger and go harder and longer than we would have alone. I am proud of us. Anthony is up in Fontana today visiting his little brother. Paul turned 25 today so they are having brother time. I am using the afternoon off to sit at Starbucks and study as I usually do on my time alone. I had one of their new awesome Piadinis which I love and a fruit parfait and my special drink, CHAI with sugar free vanilla and non fat milk and with that, my day is complete. Well, and the fact that Anthony bought me two new pairs of cute shoes today from Steve Madden helped out too!

Anyway, I thought I should document our first day of baby-Lewis boot camp and hopefulloy as we continue the workouts will get easier but for some reason, I doubt that! :) Have a lovely day and I hope your sabbath was peaceful.

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Kristen said...

Good for you guys! It's fun to work out with you mate. :)