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Monday, October 27, 2008

Our first time away...

Anthony and I are going to be spending the next 4 days apart while I travel to see my sister get married in Indiana. Anthony could not go with me due to us using his vacation time for our own wedding. Now, we are not a clingy couple by any means. Anthony works a lot and I am often home alone but there is something different about being apart in the same state and being states away. I guess it is always nice to know he can come and rescue me when I need rescued. He is my prince after all! I have no shame in admitting that I need him daily. Hence, I married him! :)

Anthony and I were talking last night about being apart and we were both kind of emotional about it. It is a great time in our lives and we are happy about it so being apart is kinda tough. We have only been married for almost 3 months so we still are in the honeymoon stage and we just have to keep that old saying in mind ..."Absence makes the heart grow fonder!"

I am off to pack and get my nails done so I hope everyone has a beautiful Halloween!


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Casey said...

I know exactly how you feel! I had a hard time the first time J went on a business trip for ONE night! It was the first time I had slept by myself in 2 years (besides Kit). But you are absolutely right, absense truly makes the heart grow fonder!!