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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Doctor's orders

I am back from good old Indiana. I have been back for quite a few days but have been eating up every moment with my husband that I could get. Indiana was a good time and everything went very well. I saw about 5-6 friends from high school that I haven't sene in years and others that I have seen but love seeing every time I go home. I got to see quite a few of my friend's children and also was able to go trick or treating with the cutest Hannah Montana (Riley) and Sharpay (Hailey) that you have ever seen. My sister's shower went off great and everything was a hit in terms of the plans that I made for it. Stay tuned to the blog for pictures of the amazing food that my caterer came up with (April Saliba) and pictures from my sister's wedding the day after. I have a new brother in law who I very much like and things are good for them as they are expecting their first child as well.

As I have previously mentioned, Anthony and I are working on the baby plans. I saw my doctor yesterday and it turns out I am doing everything right in terms of my health. I have started prenatal vitamins, working out regularly, and even eating much differently than before. We are keeping close tabs on everything and my diabetic doctor is making medication changes and helping me with a urinary tract infection so that everything will be a go. Being a diabetic, I have to watch every little thing and be super critical of what I do during this time. Anthony and are so excited to have a baby. We have been keeping a journal for our little one since we started talking about it and moving towards it so someday they will have the full story of how it all came about. (some details are excluded ha ha!)

Please keep us in prayer as we go forward in our plans and we'll keep everyone posted as soon as we know anything new. Baby Lewis...coming your way soon!


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JayneSees said...

My darling Bettie! I'm so excited for you guys! I ache to have a baby, so I give you all my love and support during your journey.