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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Homemade with Love.

Anthony and I have decided on our VERY limited budget that this year we are homemaking Christmas gifts and they won't be tacky either. We are using my scrapbook brillance and Anthony's artistic and creative genuis to make homemade cards. Also, we are making our own ornaments, cookies, homemade candy, and the like. We are excited for the Christmas festivities to begin in our house. Today we went over to the mecca of all craftiness, Michael's and bought some card making supplies and I am not afraid to be bold and say they are going to be amazing! You better pray that you are receiving some of them! :) Who knows, maybe we will go into business for ourselves. Well, off to try our first template!

P.S. the picture used for this post is not my creation. I found it online as an example and thought it was pretty. Since I stole it, I will site my source

I will post my own once I get one made and beyond as we create them for the holiday season. I hope you are all getting excited and prepared for your holidays as well!

--Erica Lewis

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