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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Instituting a bed time

Does anyone out there have a husband who is addicted to his snooze button? I do! Anthony is having such a hard time getting up in the morning and getting started. The other night, I put my proverbial foot down and instituted a bed time for both of us. I am not really bad about getting out of bed but I am horrible about getting enough sleep for my day and activities. I tend to stay up entirely too late *cough, reading blogs* and then find myself being sluggish the next day getting things done and feeling less than wonderful. We both are in need of a serious BED TIME! I have decided 10:00 is a great bedtime since it will give Anthony at least 7 hours of sleep. He gets up really early in the morning for work but seriously, he will snooze until he is in the danger zone of being late.

I can't institute much earlier than 10:00 because two days of the week I am in class until 10:00. Those are nights that I will probably get to bed around 11:00 instead. I still have to drive home from school so I will get to bed a little later than he will. I know Anthony though, he will stay up becuase he has a hard time sleeping without his wife beside him. AWWWWWW. Either way, I would appreciate any ideas anyone has for getting my husband out of bed or starting him out with some energy in the morning. Also, I need some tips to get me to go to bed even when I want to stay up and read from my favorite blogs

The Howerton Family Blog This is a blog of a friend/professor of mine and I love keeping up on her lovely family and beautiful children.

Mama Manifesto This is a blog that my above friend/professor writes for and it features several moms and great tips, recipes, humor, etc...

My Special Ks This is a blog I stumbled upon yesterday but it's now one of my favorites. It is about a family (The Garcia's) and it just moved me. I can't explain. Give yourself a whole afternoon and go and read about their journey!

Money Saving Mom This is a blog where I Find freebies, coupons, deals, etc...

Newlyweds This blog is about a young family with twins and it features deals, coupons, recipes, and pictures of their beautiful family.

and the list continues! I am addicted to the blog world! UH OH?!

--Erica Lewis

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Kristen said...

How cute is your new blog look! I love it. And thanks for the link love. Most of all, thanks for all your sweet comments on my blog. I love how you guys have a soft spot for jafta and pray for him. So awesome.