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Monday, September 1, 2008

It's Christmas season in the Lewis Household

Anthony and I both are Christmas fanatics. We are not like the people who spend thousands on gifts and act like crazy people at the mall. No, we are the people who stay home and make crafty items, bake cookies, decorate the tree, make homemade ornaments, and remember that Jesus is everything to us and therefore we celebrate his birthday like we celebrate mine. In other words, It's Jesuspalooza time! :) Anyway, we have started our Christmas plans already and tomorrow we are going to use some of our time together to head to Michael's and pick up some items for this year's craftiness!

We are really excited to have our first ornaments together, our first Christmas tree, our first Christmas in our own home, and of course our first married Christmas cards. We both are super big on traditions and just can't wait to have some much fun. Tonight we are searching for ornament ideas (I am not going to spend $10.00 per ornament to buy them!) and looking for craft ideas that make excellent gifts. I am big into scrapbooking so I enjoy doing homemade greeting cards that are really cute and things like that. I just can't wait. Christmas has begun for the Lewis' and we are excited! You can't start too early when you are swinging Grad School at the same time!

Bring on the holiday season!!! :)

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