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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Lewis Family Craft

Anthony and I learning to knit and don't laugh! Anthony is only learning because I have very poor fine motor skills and arts and crafts are not my strength so he learns things like this to teach me. I am academic in every way. I learn things through books, reading, classes, etc.... I have never been very artsy and for this reason I have been sad! I love seeing people create things and I always feel in awe of people who create masterpieces and make homemade gifts and just feel left out when I talk to other people who do this. For this reason, I have taken on scrapbooking, card making, ornament making, and now knitting. I have learned to do the cast on tonight and I am excited as it soon did not feel so foreign to me. I love my husband for sitting in front of Youtube learning how to knit so he can teach me. It is impressive to see a man with knitting needles and pink yarn just because his wife REALLY wants to make her own scarf! I love him! SIGH! :)

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