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Thursday, November 13, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

It's Christmas season in the Lewis house. Anthony and I are huge Christmas fanatics so life has been very Red and Green lately for us. We start thinking about Christmas November 1st and think about it through to the New Year. Anthony and I went last week and bought our first Christmas tree together. We just got a 6.5' artificial tree and it is full looking and pretty nice. I grew up having both artificial and real trees and as clean up goes, I feel we picked the right thing. We also took a nice little trip to Pier 1 and picked up some decorations and ornaments that we liked for our tree and apartment. We also got a tree skirt and our beautiful stockings. We are having so much preparing for our first married Christmas and our first Christmas in our own place. Life is sweet!

We don't have any AMAZING plans or anything for Christmas other than enjoying each other's company and spending time with family. We are so excited and just wanted to share our passion for Christmas hoping it would make yours light up too! I will add pics at some point of our Christmas tree! You know you want to see it!!!!

Merry Christmas begins here!

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