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Monday, February 9, 2009

It's raining babies!

Anthony and I are coming up on some very exciting times in babyland. Hilliary my oldest sister is due in May with my nephew Shawn and as of this last week it came to my awareness that my youngest sister, Brittany is pregnant with her first baby as well. We are very excited about our nephew and our new neice or nephew. This is all added to the fact that Anthony and are trying to have our first child. It's all babies around here right now. :)

That is a happy topic of course but there are some days that I think that my mom might go crazy with three kids all going toward being parents. All of this to say, I am really feeling lucky right now and although I do not know officially that I am pregnant, it's nice to know there will be two beautiful little ones coming into my life soon! :)

I love being an aunt and it has been good so far so I have faith that God has a plan and I am so thankful!

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