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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Looking Forward

Anthony and I are really looking forward to some things that are coming up in our lives. We are headed to Las Vegas on February 21st to celebrate 6 months married. We will be married 6 months on February 9th, however, we won't get a chance to head out there until later in the month. We are excited since we said our vows underneath the "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign and we are going to make that a tradition to head back and remind ourselves what we promised that day. We love that city, not for the reasons that most love it. We don't really drink, gamble, or anything but it's special for us there.

Another thing that we are looking forward to is heading to Indiana for a few days at the tail end of February. I am really missing my little sister, mom, dad and friends and it will be nice to see everyone. I haven't gotten to hold Carrie's little guy Jacob yet and there are other people that I am yearning to hang out with. It will be nice just to have a slower life for a couple of days.

The third and most exciting thing we are looking forward to is our vacation road trip. Anthony and I are taking a week in March and just taking a road trip up to San Francisco for a few days, over to Reno, and then back down through Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks. We are really excited since Anthony has never been to San Fran and neither of us have been to Reno, or the parks. We are just taking an opportunity to adventure together and enjoy where we live. We are so excited for couple time and just relaxing!

We hope that you find things to look forward to soon as well.

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