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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Love Dare

Anthony and I are doing a book I heard about in class the other day called "Love Dare." It is really powerful to read about how we need to treat each other as spouses and the dares that it gives us are really difficult yet learning experiences. The past two days we have been comitted to this idea and these are the things it has asked us to do...

Dare 1: Do not say anything negative to your spouse the entire day.

This is way harder than it sounds. I didn't realize how many negative things I said to Anthony until I was more aware of myself. Also, it is right then that several things happened that were mistakes Anthony had made and it really drew my attention to the fact that I tend to harp on him and "beat a dead horse" when he does not do something or forgets something. It really helped me love him better to take time to calm down and not be negative towards him. Anthony also did it and did a great job of not being negative. He also said it was quite a challenge to keep everything positive and be able to speak in gentle tones and be mindful of your words at all times.

Dare 2: While continuing to not be negative, do one unexpected gesture as an act of kindness.

This one is my dare for today and I have decided to whip Anthony up a snack to take over to his job and surprise him. I think he will see how much I love him and that I think about him when we are apart. I am grateful for his kindness everyday and it is time i start to give that back daily!

I am excited about our Love Dares and would challenge you to pick up the book and get daring!

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KNJ said...

this looks like a fun book. :) maybe j and i will try it too! :) glad to see you're back on the blogging bandwagon. :) hee hee