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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Continued frugality and economic choices

Here are a few ways that the Lewis' household has adopted to save money and the enviornment. Feel free to use tips if they are something that you would consider.

1. Walk where you can

This one is huge if you live here in California. We have WAY too many cars on the road, constantly. I live in Anaheim near several important locations like the pharmacy, my diabetic doctor, pretty close to my bank, and it goes on. I will be saving money on gasoline, emissions from the air, and most importantly, doing my body good by taking a walk. This one has so many benefits.

2. Drive your car until it's old.

This one has been unchallenging for me as I have not been able to buy a new car with being in graduate school. My car is almost 9 years old (I got it on May 25, 2000 and it was brand new. I have put 155,000 miles on it and it's still doing great. The key was getting timely oil changes, tire rotations, and taking it somewhere to get repairs where they would be honest with me and do the proper repairs. Out here in California, I use Midas of Costa Mesa.

3. Open windows and use fans instead of using the central air conditioning.

Anthony and I do this because the wonderful summer breeze of California is much more pleasant than canned air coming from the air conditioner. Also, it really makes a difference in our energy bill.

4. Reuse plastic grocery bags or get earth-friendly ones.

I just started picking up the reusable earth friendly bags at my local stores; Wal-mart, Target, Stater Bros, Albertsons etc... They can be purchased for about $1.00 each at any store. I usually pick them up when I am only going in for a few items like bread and cheese or something and then I started stockpiling at home for my big monthly shopping trips. I also have a giagantic stash of the plastic bags that they usually give you in a drawer in my kitchen. I use these for all sorts of things. I use them to line trash cans underneath the sink in the kitchen and the bathroom. This saves money on little trashcans and keeps your cans from having anything stuck at the bottom. I also use them to keep in the car to toss the recyling in if Anthony has a Monster or Soda. There are multiple uses for these wastes of plastic so use, use, use them until they can't be use anymore and try to get the reusable bags at your neighborhood stores.

5. --DO IT!

This is my own personal secret and I love it. I use where they give you points to read emails. Basically you make a profile with them choosing all of your interests (Pick all interests to get the maximum points) Then they send you emails every day with advertisements from companies relating to those interests. Your only required job to get points is to click on the box that says "get points." This gives you 5 points for each email you read. There are also point options where you can do surveys, buy products and services you already buy (for example, shopping on ebay can give you points per dollar). You compile points and then you can cash in your points like money for rewards. I use mine for dates with Anthony. We do not have a lot of extra money to have dinner out so I wait until I have 3,000 + points (which doesn't take long) and I cash them in for gift cards at popular steakhouses, italian restaurants, seafood places, etc... We usually get $25 gift cards because I don't wait long enough for the $50 and we end up paying a little bit out of pocket but $25 of our meal is free so you can't beat that!

These are my thrifty tips for today and keep trying to save our Earth, your body, and our hard earned dollars!

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