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Saturday, January 3, 2009


Boy people aren't kidding when they say that when you get older things are harder to learn. Anthony and I have been working very hard on learning the guitar. Anthony has had a guitar for quite a few years and never put the time in to learn it. I just got a new guitar for Christmas and it's fun and sparkly and feminine but unfortunately, it doesn't play itself. I have only been learning for a few weeks but it is really hard to learn. I can read music to sing but I have never learned any guitar so this is a true challenge.

It's so nice to be learning something with Anthony though and seeing each other through the struggle. We teach each other when one of us doesn't get it. It's great time between us and a lot of laughs. I encourage everyone who wants to learn an instrument to try it!

Now, onto the news of the day...

Thankfulness January 3, 2009:

We are thankful today that we are both alive and well. My health and Anthony's has been good lately and we are striving for better things. It's awesome to wake up each morning with a beat in our heart and breath in our lungs and get another opportunity to praise God and be together.

Growth/Learning January 3, 2009

I personally learned today how much Anthony loves me. Anthony puts all things behind me in his life and would do ANYTHING for me. He really grasps the amazing parts of marriage that don't come natural to me. I am naturally selfish by all means and Anthony is naturally selfless. I am learning to be more like my husband every day. It's a really hard level to work toward. :)


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