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Friday, January 2, 2009

What's for dinner at the Lewis House?!

I don't know if anyone that reads my blog enjoys cooking but I love to cook. I am a huge cooking show fan and try new things all of the time. Most of my recipes are meant to be healthier fare but I sometimes try something more southern to remain close to my roots! Since 2009 is all about Anthony & I doing things we love and enjoying life, I thought I would write about one of our first loves, food. Yes, you can tell we love food! I don't just love to eat though, I love to cook food. I love to see my husband smile and say "MMM" so cooking is a rush for me

I thought I would open up the blog and ask the readers to tell me what your favorite dish to cook is and if you can't cook, what does someone else make that you just love?! I love trying new dishes so if you don't care to share, let me know! Tonight for dinner, we are doing one of Rachel Ray's recent dishes she had on the show using leftover Ham called Ham & Cheese Strata! It's going to be yummy and we'll let you know tomorrow if all went well.

Have a great January 2nd and here are my thankfulness and growth:

Thankfulness January 2, 2009:

We are thankful for our lovely apartment in which the rent was due yesterday. We have a lovely home with lovely furniture and tons of amenities that God has been so good to give us. We hear a lot of people complaining because they rent and don't own but I have learned to thank God for each step in our life. We are in the first year of our marriage so if we live in a one bedroom, one bathroom apartment, that seems normal. We have much more than some people have in this country and we don't forget that but truly give God our thanks. Thank you Jesus for our lovely home where all the magic happens! :)

Growth January 2, 2009:

We learned today that helping each other out with things that are easily forgotten can be really loving. An example is that Anthony gets up very early in the morning (5 am to be exact) and he often stops for a Monster Energy drink on the way to work in order to stay awake on the freeway. I am not a huge fan of this because those things are super expensive if you do them everyday and they hurt Anthony's stomach too. What did I do to help him out? I set the coffee pot for 5 am and had a hot pot of coffee ready when he got up this morning. I also wrote him a little note and stuck it to our front door that said quite simply "I love you, get coffee" which reminded Anthony to grab it before heading out so that he could be super alert on the freeway since he knows our budget no longer allows for the Monsters. Sometimes we have to be helpful when things are hard for the other one to remember. Being strong in their weak areas is something we have learned over our relationship of almost 3 years over and over. We are hoping to continue filling in each others weak spots. Thank you Lord for my wonderful and sleepy husband!

-- Erica

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