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Monday, January 5, 2009

Some holiday ideas

So this year Anthony and I decided that we would work all year to make the holidays extra special for our families. Yes, that means great gifts but more importantly it means thinking through things that would be ultra special to the other person and not something they could just buy themselves or eventually will lose its luster. I have quite a few ideas already in motion and have been working on gifts each day already but I would love any suggestions that people may have about things to get their family and loved ones. Here are a couple of suggestions that we have thought of but we are not sharing who they are for so no surprises are ruined.

1. Go on and personalize a number of gifts! They have sweatshirts, t-shirts, shoes, postage stamps, greeting cards, mugs, calendars, posters, and also have things that others have designed that are really cool and unique

2. Create a homemade cookbook of all your favorite recipes to make to a friend who might be getting married soon or moving into their own place.

3. To a movie lover, create a movie package called the movies of your life. Buy the top grossing movies for them at crucial times in their lives. Examples would be; when they were born, graduation year, the year they got married, etc... It brings back memories.

4. For a music lover, do a similar project called the music of your life and give them a cd of the top 20 songs of each year of their life. If you have limewire or another music download account this is really affordable and fun. Music always brings me back to certain times in my life including school dances, first kisses, and the songs that made you think of that one boy!

5. Create a scrapbook of you and someone's fun memories together. You may have a best friend who has been around since gradeschool. If you have a bunch of snapshots start making copies and putting them together for her to enjoy in a scrapbook.

6. For someone special in your life; give them a book called "A year of memories."; Take one snapshot a day of your life that made the day meaningful (I am doing this now for someone) Buy a cheap sketchbook for 5.00-10.00 at Borders and put each photograph on its own page and write a brief summary of what you did that day that made you take the photo. If that person is a daily part of your life, take special photographs that will remind them of your time together. If they are far away, share your life through photos so that you never felt apart!

7. Make a special gift called "The grateful box" Get a fancy box at Michael's craft store and every day, jot down something you are thankful for in a certain person. Do it daily and at Christmas wrap it up nicely and put it under the tree. That way the person has notes and notes about what makes them special to you. A really expensive present could not top the meaning that this one gives!

These are my current ideas and I would love anyone elses suggestions! I am so excited about the unwrapping of these gifts on Christmas 2009! :) I can't tell you who they are for but man are they going to be fun and meaningful!

and Now....

January 5, 2009 Thankfulness:

We are thankful for good friends. Anthony and I have friends who are really great and bring us so much happiness and joy. We are lucky to have these people to share our lives with and thank God every day for good friends.

January 5, 2009 Growth/Learning:

Sometimes the smallest things done together can really add to a relationship. An example is brushing your teeth together before bedtime. Do not shut yourself in the bathroom alone to get ready for bed but make it something you do together and be playful in the moment. Sometimes the smallest things done together can become a marriage ritual that is really special and looked forward to. It may sound corny but I love brushing my teeth with Anthony before bed and teasing him with promises of good kissing once he flosses, brushes, and rinses! :) Oral Hygiene is hot! :)


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