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Sunday, June 1, 2008

The many pleasures of being Anthony's girl.

Tonight Anthony and I went to cheer me up by having great burgers at Fuddrucker's and then we went to this great little place co-discovered by my prince and my favorite guy friend Josh. It is called Nickel Nickel and if there is any place that makes you feel like an 80's kid, it's Nickel Nickel. They have a bunch of free video games in the back that would make any 80's kid have a kool-aid smile. All of the other games cost a variation of nickels. Anywhere from 1 nickel to 8 nickels depending on the quality and type of game you are playing. I got a little obsessed with the one that you try to knock other nickels off and made some serious tickets there. Played a little frogger, Mrs. Pacman and Centipede and all of the sudden, the rain cloud following me around wasn't so dark.

I have a great boyfriend who makes good coffee, good pancakes, and kisses like he went to the olympics in it. I love him.

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