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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Stranger than fiction.

So today I went back to work after being off for 4 days sick. My diabetes has been a little stubborn lately and I think it's due to a kidney infection I have been fighting. I feel a bit better today though even though my house was about 90 degrees last night and I couldn't sleep a wink. Anthony escorted me to work today on HIS day off to make sure all things were kosher. He sure does love me. I have it pretty good with my beautiful man. Anyway, after we got home from work ... we picked our nightly movie. Yes, we pretty much watch a movie or tv together every night. It's how we bond I guess. Anthony chose for us to watch the movie "Stranger than Fiction."

I am a huge Will Ferrell fan but seriously this movie was not his type of movie. I enjoyed the movie thoroughly and it certainly kept my attention but it was not the movie I was expecting out of Mr. Ferrell. The basic premise of the movie is this man is living his life when he starts to hear a narrator saying everything he is currently doing. Essentially he is a character of a fiction novel and finds this out. It was strange for me to watch this movie because I have always been an avid reader. I love to read and my place of solace is between rows and rows of books in the library. When I was younger, I used to think that I was a character that somebody was writing up. Believe me, there were many days where I was completely angered by my "Author."

In a way, we are characters in this novel. God is the author and finisher and to me this was a thought I had tonight as I watched Will Ferrell deliver a less than silly performance. God already has my ending planned out. He already knows what I am about to say right now and what my fingers will type before they type it out. He already knows what my wedding day will be like, what my children will struggle with, who they will resemble, and what the course of their lives will be. In the end of the movie, it was a beautiful resemblance to what God wants me to do. Will Ferrell finds the ability to just be ok with whatever the author does with him for the sake of the book.

In my life, I need to be ok with what my author does with me. I will be a bestseller if only I could let him write it without my interruptions.

Just a thought.


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