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Friday, June 27, 2008

The two year celebration details.

I wanted to get on here and talk about our 2 year anniversary today because it was so special. We really kind of celebrated for two days since Anthony got both the 25th and 26th off work for it. We decided that we both wanted to eat dinner at the Melting Pot to celebrate. We had never been there and it was something we both had heard a lot about and it sounded right up our alley. We also got each other gifts and exchanged some early and some at the dinner. I got Anthony a Dolce and Gabanna Diamond Watch, I made him a digital scrapbook of our last 2 years and got it bound, and then bought a ton of little gifts and themed them in a romantic way to give to him on Wednesday.

Anthony's gifts to me were spectacular. First, he got me a bottle of coach perfume which I really wanted. The bottle is so cute and the perfume smells like heaven. I have been wearing J'dore by Christian Dior for about 2 years so it was time for a new smell. Then, he got me a coach keychain which is a pink leather "E" to hook to my coach purse. It is adorable. At dinner, I was surprised the greatest because Anthony got all dressed up in a suit and tie for me and it was the exact colors and style I want him to wear for our wedding. It was such a precious gesture. I will be posting pictures as my next post. After that, we had the marvelous dinner and Anthony gave me a gift card to Lane Bryant *my favorite clothing store*, a gift card for DSW *LARGE shoe store near our house*, 2 tickets to see Love Guru, and 2 tickets to see Wal-E *the new disney film* We are going to see Wal-E tonight after we both work. The Love Guru will be another day this weekend.

It was such a great anniversary and we were able to really express to each other where we were in the relationship and how happy we were to be there. It was probably one of my favorite days of the last 2 years although they have all been filled with a lot of happiness.

Happy Anniversary to US! :)

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