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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Faith Friday

Anthony and I went on a marriage/spiritual retreat which is why I am trying to catch up the blog today. In saying that, I am gong to start covering spiritual disciplines for our Faith Fridays. I am reading a book called "Celebration of Discpline" by Richard J. Foster. I picked it up a few weeks before school ended as a means to me really gaining serious spiritual focus and I have been reading it since I have been out and it's really helping me focus not only in my spiritual life but in other goals I have had for myself.

The first discipline that I will be focusing on for our Faith Fridays is Meditation. I do not mean meditation the way the new age movement means it but rather as a means of really looking at scripture and allowing it to get deep inside of you. Over our spiritual retreat, one of the things I really took the time to do was to sit in nature and look around and allow God's word to become real to me. I was looking around to see all that he created and how it completely captures his character and love for us.

Over the next several Faith Fridays I will be writing about meditation as I learn about and it giving scripture to begin to meditate on if you are intersted. God has really been giving me peace, opening my eyes, and working on my character through this time and I pray he does the same for you through meditation on scripture.

For today a thought...

The purpose of meditation is ....a familiar friendship with Jesus -- as quoted by Richard Foster in the text.

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