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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thrifty Thursday

At our house, we are always trying to find ways to be green while making a little extra cash. We drink a LOT of water and Anthony drinks a lot of canned beverages so we started recycling a long time ago. I decided to talk about recycling today and how you can make a little extra spending cash if you have a lot of plastic, aluminum, or glass hanging out at your house.

We first made steps of taking our reusable bottles out with us filled up with our water cooler water to cut down on the bottles but sometimes, you are in a bind and have to buy that bottled water at starbucks that gives back to clean water programs in a third world country.

First of I suggest you visit Earth 911 to find a recyling center near you. You just put in what you would like to recylce and your zip code and it shows you where to go!

This covers magazines, newspapers, cans, bottles, electronics....whatever you have to get rid of that could be reused.

If you have old computer parts that you want to get rid of for pay, you can go to this site and check out ways to get rid of that stuff.

And we all know we can recycle our old stuff like furniture by selling it on Craigslist!

Anthony and I mostly do our glass, alumininum, magazines, newspapers, and plastic and go to a local recycling centers and it's paid for many married dates! Good luck helping the Earth while adding to your pocket book!

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