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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Thrifty Thursday

Today I have a great tip for you if you are around a Regency theater. Anthony and I are on a very limited budget! That is saying it nicely. We are BROKE most of the time. We have started to use the Regency theater as a close friend. In our area, they show movies for the bargain price of $3.00/ticket. That is a great deal considering our local theater charges about $11.00/ticket. Concessions are also considerably cheaper at these low cost theaters.

They also have a weekly deal at our theater where you can get two tickets, 2 small sodas, and 2 small popcorns on Wednesday nights so that has become our Wednesday night date night and we just throw a few candies in my purse and the night is set. They show most movies about 2 weeks after they are in major theaters so we are seeing brand new movies also.

There are also a vast amount of theaters that will show older movies for less price on the big screen as well. I recommend going to see a great cheap movie!!! :)


Casey said...

E, i love you but its only Wednesday =)

~Erica~ said...

Casey, I love you too and I am aware..I was just gone for a while and was catching up from May 13th. Thanks for looking out!