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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Scrapbook Sunday

Today I decided to talk about one of my favorite hobbies and that is organzing. I have added a few organization tips as well as some sites you can check out to see what I use around my house and my tasks!

Here are some tips to organize any room

1. Set goals -- make a list of what you would like to accomplish in the room:

Example: Bathroom

-- Repaint
-- Organize bathroom supplies
-- Overhaul Towels/wash clothes

2. Start Small -- DO smaller rooms, areas, and projects first to get yourself started and then move to bigger projects as you gain momentum and motivation. Some areas to start with would be a bathroom, linen closet, pantry, book case, etc...

3. Determine where to donate -- this one is important in our house because there are clothes that are past their prime or do not fit, items that do not fit in our house, or simply we got new things and need to give our gently used items to charity. We use a goodwill down the street from our house that is in a great area of our neighborhood to serve our community.

4. Toss old medicine -- organizing is a great time to get rid of medicines that are past their shelf life. This task often gets ignored if not done on a regular basis.

5. Consider creative containers -- if you have things that need to be well...contained think about getting things that are decorative that might serve as a piece in your living room as well as holding all of your un-read magazines. The possibilities are endless.

Here are a few links I use to organize my home and life:

The Container Store!!

HGTV a great pleace to learn to organize

All About Home

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